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Like many Australian homeowners, Craigieburn resident Angela wanted to maximise her new home’s outdoor living potential. Here, her experience and tips for creating a gorgeous entertaining space with a stylish backyard patio.

“When we built our house, we always knew we’d extend because we do a lot of our living and cooking outside—we love the outdoor lifestyle,” says Craigieburn, VIC resident Angela. Together with her husband Craig, Angela finished building her home in one of the Melbourne suburbs’ new residential estates in 2015. But it wasn’t long before their attention turned to creating a new haven for entertaining.

Fortunately, their solution was found nearby, while browsing a LYSAGHT LIVING® patio roofing display at Tailor Made Steel Buildings. “At first, Craig wanted a peaked roof, but I’ve always wanted something more flat,” Angela says. “But he loved the [SolarSpan®] style of flat roof that LYSAGHT LIVING® was offering”.

Following a hassle-free build, the finished result is in tune with their relaxed style of outdoor living. “It’s comfortable and cosy without being over the top or enclosed,” she says. “I wanted a breeziness to this whole space, and the breeze running through here is absolutely wonderful.” Here, Angela shares some thoughts on her experience.

“The colours we used for the patio absolutely had to match the house. As much as possible, I wanted it to look like it was here forever and that it wasn’t an addition or an afterthought. This is where the LYSAGHT LIVING® colour range made it so easy, and the process of working with familiar colours made everything so simple. I think it has come up a treat! The product is fantastic and I just can’t fault it—I’m really happy with what we’ve put up.”

“We were organised, and utilised all available resources. Our son is an electrician and he took the day off work to install everything. It ended up much cheaper than it would have been if we didn’t ‘own’ the electrician.”

“I always planned to add a couple of plants in to decorate the patio. We’ve put some maples down the side and bamboo along the back. I didn’t want to create an outdoor room, but by planting the bamboo it creates a natural screen.”

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