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Structure options, Colour chart, and Roof Profiles


Designed to blend perfectly with your home, our range of patios, pergolas & verandahs will truly maximise your home’s potential. With a wide range of options to choose from, flat or pitched, freestanding or attached, we are confident in meeting nearly every design brief - from a show-stopping backyard pergola to a relaxing verandah that blends seamlessly with your home’s existing design.

Whatever style you choose, one thing is certain; all components are fully engineered and tested to Australian standards. And COLORBOND® steel’s Thermatech®1 solar reflectance technology helps your roof and building stay cooler by reflecting more of the sun’s heat.

When deciding on your structure, profile and colour think about both your indoor and outdoor space. Do you want the two complementary or juxtaposing? Some homeowners like their patio to be its own distinct area with a unique outdoor atmosphere. LYSAGHT LIVING® offers an impressive range of classic patio, pergola and verandah designs, or you can customise a style that best suits your home and lifestyle.

1 Thermatech® technology is not available in the colour Night Sky®.

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Structure options, Colour chart, and Roof Profiles

Roof Profile Options

With its classic corrugated profile, the CUSTOM ORB® is Aussie roofing at its best. This versatile cladding is lightweight and strong and will suit both modern and traditional styling. It’s a perfect match for a corrugated heritage-style roof.

Available in NSW, SA

Perfect for creating a flat ceiling-like finish with uninterrupted lines and an attractive gloss finish. This modern roof cladding is ideal for open-sided carports and patios.

Available in QLD

With a greater cover width than FLATDEK®, FLATDEK® II is perfect for creating a flat ceiling-like finish with uninterrupted lines and an attractive gloss finish. This modern roof cladding is ideal for open-sided carports and patios.

Available in VIC, TAS, WA

FLATDEK 310® is known for its flat ceiling-like finish and attractive gloss finish that’s perfect for open-sided carports and patios.

Providing both strength and a high water-carrying capacity, this squared- corrugated roofing cladding is ideal for an outdoor addition that needs to be highly impact resistant. It combines modern styling with functionality and is suitable for many applications.

With its trapezoidal-shaped ribbing and subtle fluting in between, this roofing profile makes a stylish statement to your outdoor addition. The long spanning cladding enables wider spacing between supports, giving you a more open view.

Availability varies by region

Combining a classic corrugated profile with high performance insulation insulation and a smooth or profiled ceiling-like underside, delivering improved thermal and aesthetic benefits.

Availability varies by region

Offering long spans, low pitch and high thermal efficiency, this all in one insulated roofing solution offers a ceiling, insulation and roof sheet in one profile.

Structure Options

The skillion is a versatile and flexible style that is strong, durable and easy to erect.

This single slope roof blends seamlessly with your home, whether attached or freestanding and its ceiling creates a beautiful homely feel. Using 100mm, 150mm or 200mm beams, the spans and flexibility can cater to virtually any design you want.

With a wide range of design possibilities, a pitched roof gives a more open spacious feel and can extend from your home or be a freestanding structure.

Our LYSAGHT LIVING™ pitched roof options include Gable, Dutch Gable and Hip.

If your space is challenging, or you’re looking for a unique mix of elements our Designer Gable Insert can be custom designed and built. For example, it’s possible to mix a skillion roof with pitched gables. Talk to your local dealer to find out more.

Colour Range


  1. Classic Cream™
  2. Monument®
  3. Night Sky®
  4. Paperbark®
  5. Thredbo White®
  6. Woodland Grey®


  1. Classic Cream™/ Classic Cream™ gloss
  2. Manor Red®/ Classic Cream™ gloss
  3. Paperbark®/ Paperbark® gloss
  4. Woodland Grey®/ Classic Cream™ gloss


  1. Basalt®
  2. Classic Cream™
  3. Cottage Green®
  4. Cove™
  5. Deep Ocean®
  6. Dune®
  7. Evening Haze®
  8. Gully™
  9. Ironstone®
  10. Jasper®
  11. Mangrove®
  12. Manor Red®
  13. Monument®
  14. Night Sky®
  15. Pale Eucalypt®
  16. Paperbark®
  17. Shale Grey™
  18. Surfmist®
  19. Terrain®
  20. Wallaby®
  21. Windspray®
  22. Woodland Grey®


  1. Classic Cream™
  2. Dune®
  3. Pale Eucalypt®
  4. Paperbark®
  5. Shale Grey™
  6. Surfmist®


  1. Surfmist®


  1. EXPERTISE AT EVERY STAGE: Our team of experienced dealers use the latest computer software to custom design a solution to meet your requirements, and we’ll help smooth the path for council approvals with required plans and documents, too.
  2. THE WORLD OF COLOUR: The wide array of COLORBOND® steel colours allows you to match to your existing decor, such as roofing, guttering and downpipes.
  3. STRONG FOUNDATIONS: Help protect your home from the elements with Australian-made COLORBOND® steel. More than just painted steel, COLORBOND® steel is manufactured to exact Australian Standards, which means that beams, cladding and gutters* are tested in some of Australia’s harshest conditions.
  4. THE FLAWLESS FINISH: Advanced COLORBOND® steel paint technology provides a durable finish that will resist peeling, chipping and cracking and ensure that your LYSAGHT LIVING™ home addition will look better for longer.
  5. PRECISION ENGINEERING: You can be confident that every part of your LYSAGHT LIVING™ outdoor addition is rigorously engineered and tested for structural integrity. For your peace of mind, we back this up with a 20-year structural performance warranty.

*Beams, cladding and gutters are made from COLORBOND® steel; posts and accessory items are manufactured from other materials.