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How do I intend to use this space?

Regardless of how beautiful it looks; your patio must also be functional. Before you get down to choosing a suitable structure or the right colours, ask yourself some big picture questions first. This includes correctly sizing your patio and having a rough floor plan that works around how you want to use your patio.

When considering the footprint of your patio, you should always think big, right? Not necessarily. Without the right planning, an enormous floor space can easily result in a sparse and uninviting overall feel. But on the flip side, imagine trying to relax in a cramped patio packed full of furniture. This is unfortunately a common problem and it usually boils down a simple lack of planning, especially around flow and foot traffic.

While this pre-planning idea might sound over the top, why not try roping off the space for your new patio before you build? Mark out designated areas such as a lounge and dining area and finally, place in any outdoor furniture pieces you already have. Remember to leave ample room to move around furniture like dining chairs. By having this real-time experience of your patio, you will highlight problem areas well in advance.

What are the long-term benefits to building?

A patio brings a host of instant lifestyle benefits, but in terms of adding value to your home, outdoor additions are a no-brainer. Regardless of your postcode, outdoor living has been ingrained into our way of life so this type of structure will be desirable well into the future. Think of your patio as a smart investment!

However, when thinking long-term it’s the quality of your build – from the material to construction – that’s the deciding factor. This isn’t a time to take shortcuts or sacrifice quality. Unfortunately, you’re only likely to pay for it in the long-run with repairs and a growing maintenance bill. By choosing a LYSAGHT LIVING® patio, quality is assured with beams, cladding and gutters made from Australian-made COLORBOND® steel. More than just painted steel, COLORBOND® steel is manufactured to exact Australian Standards and tested in some of Australia’s harshest conditions. Retaining your patio’s style and structural integrity has never been simpler.

How does my patio manufacturer stand out from the rest?

Choosing a manufacturer for your patio depends on a broad range of factors and personal circumstances. But it’s safe to say product range and budget are two important factors in this decision.

Another crucial factor is the ability to customise a standard design to suit your specific needs. Working with your LYSAGHT LIVING® dealer, it’s so easy to add custom features to a standard patio design, such as translucent sheeting in a roof gable or a unique guttering system. Using industry-leading software, every change will be reflected in your patio’s final plans.

When it comes to steel patios, having Lysaght's 150-year reputation in rollformed steel building products, and the backing of Australia's leading steel manufacturer, BlueScope behind you is tough to match. The LYSAGHT LIVING® range is manufactured by Lysaght, so we are able to offer high-quality and industry-developed products in residential projects such as patios. A good example of this is in your choice of roof profiles including SPANDEK®, known for its high water-carrying capacity CUSTOM ORB®, the original Australian corrugated cladding (availability varies by region).

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