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Let's Talk Pergolas
After two unhelpful builder quotes for her new pergola, homeowner Carolyn was third time lucky with her LYSAGHT LIVING® dealer. Good communication sealed the deal, and it also saved her money in the process. Here’s how.
3 Outdoor Style Hacks To Try Now
Some might say building an outdoor home addition is a simple process. But how do you create that enviable and inviting lived-in look? Sophia Goldschmidt from The Wow Factor Home Styling has three simple ideas that will transform even the starkest outdoor space into your very own serene sanctuary.
Secrets of an Outdoor Stylist
How do you create a magical outdoor space? Here are the styling tricks you need to know! Sophia Goldschmidt from The Wow Factor Home Styling has three simple ways to make your LYSAGHT LIVING® home addition look like it’s from the pages of an interiors magazine.
Renovation Etiquette Tips
From a power drill at the crack of dawn, to a cavalcade of trucks clogging a narrow street, many of us have experienced the downsides of a neighbour’s renovation. All it takes is communication and consideration to make your next build complaint-free. Here’s how…
Ground Control
Whether your home sits on ground that is rich in sand, clay or gravel, it’s good to be aware of some challenges when building on each. From the difficulty of digging through shale to a solution for working with—and not against—tough granite, here’s the dirt on soil.
Colour Trends | Friend or Foe?
Trends in colour can dry up in popularity before you know it—so it’s important to realise the long-term impact when choosing your home’s palette. Industry-leading colour expert and trend forecaster Harley Anstee shares the schemes that go the distance, and when it’s okay to follow the crowd…
Hit The Deck
One of the first things on the to-do list of any new home builder or mover, is the construction of a new deck. Whether you want to take advantage of a gorgeous view or create a more liveable space, there are a few spatial principles to keep in mind when planning…
Renovation Blunders!
Although you might excel when it comes to DIY, everyone can fall victim to some bad advice, skipping crucial tasks and taking shortcuts that damage their renovation projects in the long run. Take note of this list to avoid adding stress and extra time to your next build…
Why Build a Gazebo?
Although you might recognise them from a Jane Austen film adaptation, a gazebo can become the uplifting focal point in any modern outdoor space—from minimal to tropical. Here are three contemporary reasons to build one…