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The building blocks of a great verandah
When it comes to today's homes, has the verandah truly left the building? If you thought this traditional architectural feature was so yesterday, it may surprise you that today’s verandah are trending! Here are the key points to know.
When it comes to modern home additions, are pergolas practical? If you’re on the fence about their place in the backyard of today, check out these practical ideas. From a poolside cabana to a classic garden feature, here’s how the pergola can still fit into the picture of modern outdoor living.
Learn the lingo of outdoor building
What makes a structure a patio versus a pergola? When is a verandah not a verandah? What’s more important for structural integrity; beams or posts? Although your local LYSAGHT LIVING® is still your best port of call for expert advice – it can’t hurt to have a few building buzzwords up your sleeve!
Steel vs. timber the great backyard rivalry
David and Goliath. Carlton and Collingwood. Blues vs. the Maroons. Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer… Among history’s greatest rivalries, there’s actually one playing out in your own backyard! Let’s look at how steel stacks up when it comes to building outdoor structures…
4 tips to create a winter-worthy outdoor space
Don’t go into a hasty hibernation just because there’s a chill in the air. The beauty of a LYSAGHT LIVING® home addition such as a patio or deck is having a space to relax and entertain throughout the year. From smart maintenance tips to clever ways to warm up your space, here’s the stylish way to...
Shine a light on outdoor lighting
A key reason to build a LYSAGHT LIVING® home addition is your ability to enjoy outdoor entertaining year-round. But as sure as the sun rises, it’s also going to set – so let’s shine a light on outdoor lighting. With the introduction of advanced solar options and smart home integration, outdoor...
How the elements may affect your deck
Have you been thinking about adding a deck to your home? The beloved backyard deck is a sure-fire way to add value and outdoor living potential to your home. And to top it off, decks can also be built to resist environmental extremes, in harmony with the elements.
Patio Planning Masterclass
Approach the task of building your patio like a seasoned industry master! Here are the top three questions you should be asking – along with the right answers to guarantee your patio exceeds all your expectations.
How To Improve The Look & Feel Of Your Gazebo
When it comes to building the perfect gazebo, have you ever considered factors like noise and vantage points? Here are three surprising yet practical ways to improve your gazebo by increasing its sensory appeal.