Lysaght Living

1. Think Substance, Then Style

  • Establish how your outdoor space is used. Like a moth to the flame, it's easy to go straight to the gorgeous glow of your local retailer's lighting section. But before all the fun of picking lights, the best approach is to determine how your use your space. What types of activities do you, or family and friends enjoy in the alfresco area. Do these change from day to night? Your structure might also be used in a specific way. For example, your gazebo might be your weekend sanctuary. Or perhaps the star of your patio is a high-tech outdoor kitchen with all the latest innovations. By answering these questions, you'll gather the essential information to plan a creative, efficient and cohesive lighting scheme.
  • Make practical lighting choices. With improved technology, smarter design and many affordable options, outdoor lighting has come a long way. Lights can be broken down into three main types: Task, accent and ambient lighting. Task lights such as floodlights pour bright, powerful light over a large space. But accent lighting can work particularly well in in outdoor kitchens as they focus light where you need it most such as in a food prep zone or bar area. Experiment with a variety of lights and include at least one dimmer so you can customise the strength of your outdoor lights.

    2. How extensive are your requirements?

    • Need a cost-saving option with easy setup? Solar lights are a great choice for low-maintenance for outdoor lighting. An investment in a renewable energy design is obviously good for the environment, but they're also typically very easy to setup and require less ongoing maintenance. Remember to place solar light panels in prime position for maximum sunlight exposure.
    • Connecting to the mains
      Connecting outdoor lights to your electrical mains is a reliable option - but it's no D.I.Y. project. Remember to call in a licensed electrician to carry out work. Your LYSAGHT LIVING® dealer can also advise on the best lighting choices at the planning and design stage. Tip: Install switches in clever spots like near a back door or window so you can light everything up from inside the house. For added convenience, consider installing a timer to light up your outdoors without lifting a finger.

      3. Power up your creativity...

      • Create a resort-at-home feel
        Keep those Bachelor In Paradise resort vibes all year by creating a ceiling canopy of beautiful lanterns inside your patio. Hang them at different heights for the best effect. A large and dramatic rattan lantern used as your main light feature can also create a show-stopping look.
      • Try simple yet effective LED rope lighting
        This dreamy, twinkle-twinkle trend in outdoor lighting isn’t switching off anytime soon. And it's it’s easy to recreate the magic while staying tasteful and luxe. Used correctly, rope and festoon LED lighting can comfortably go from ‘party light’ territory to everyday outdoor lighting. It's simple; just For added versatility, select a model with changeable LED filaments. This way, you can easily change colours to suit your mood without having to change the actual light globes.