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Rain, hail and shine… Our carports and patios bear the brunt of Mother Nature. When it comes to strength there’s no beating the durability of steel. We can’t deny the rustic charm of timber in the right environment, but in terms of overall strength and sturdiness, steel tends to come up on top. But remember not all steel is created equal! LYSAGHT LIVING® patios feature beams, cladding and gutters made from Australian-made COLORBOND® steel. By having this trusted name in your backyard, you’ll have peace of mind knowing it has been manufactured to Australian standards and tested to survive some of our country’s harshest conditions.


For many, the appeal of timber over other building materials is its organic nature. But the earthy, natural colour palette of wood isn’t an obvious match for the many large, two-storey cement-rendered style of house that makes up our suburbs. By choosing steel, it’s easy to find the right colour match for your house as our structures are also available in the widely recognised COLORBOND® steel colour range. Taking inspiration from Australia’s natural beauty, this diverse collection features options for every taste and style; from the inky hues of Deep Ocean® through to the bold and striking Manor Red®. You can also select different colours for each component of your outdoor structure such as the roof sheeting and insulated panels.


Although a steel carport, patio, pergola or verandah is usually a costlier investment, the various savings you make in the long run will justify the initial outlay. We build strength and style into every LYSAGHT LIVING® home addition, and we back this with a 20 Year Structural Performance Warranty. For more information, please see the LYSAGHT LIVING® Maintenance & Structural Performance Warranty brochure. But in addition to the peace of mind knowing you won’t have to make costly repairs down the track, there are also big savings when it comes to your maintenance routine. To ensure timber looks its best, ongoing maintenance such as scrubbing, high pressure cleaning, sealing and polishing will likely eat into your weekend schedule. You can forget all of that by choosing a steel structure. All it takes to keep your LYSAGHT LIVING® addition in prime condition is a hose down with water to clear debris and any build-up. Easy!

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