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A six-step colour guide for any project

Turning your vision of your dream home’s add-on into reality can be a difficult task. However, if you follow some simple guidelines the task can be an easy and enjoyable process. Industry leading colour and trend forecaster, and Fellow of the Design Institute of Australia Harley Anstee has great advice on how to find and focus your colour inspiration.

FIND YOUR DREAM HOME INSPIRATION: Visit display home centres to see the latest trends in architecture and the use of colour. If you are still unsure, simply drive around your neighbourhood for further inspiration.

LOCATION, LOCATION: Consider the location of your home and your intended add-on relative to its surrounding landscape/streetscape. This is especially important in the case of a carport, which becomes part of your home’s façade.

DO YOUR RESEARCH: Visit showrooms and product display centres, obtain samples of the products you like e.g. roofing, walling, window frames, garage doors, paint and paving colours. Books, magazines and websites are another source for gaining valuable information. 

STAY WITHIN YOUR STYLE: Use colours and finishes that are appropriate for your home’s style. For example, if you have a classic or heritage style house use colours that are appropriate for any add-ons you’re considering. Look around at the many examples already existing in your suburb, go to your library, contact your local council or The National Trust for assistance.

TAKE A TOP-DOWN APPROACH. Whether a sprawling backyard patio or simple carport, your roof colour is the best place to start in selecting your colour palette as it is most often the major proportion of the house.

START ELIMINATING: Start assembling your colour scheme by collecting samples of all the colours you’re interested in. Then, simply start eliminating those you’re not happy with when you begin comparing them. Be sure to make a list of all the components requiring colour like the roof, beams and/or posts and then fill in the gaps as required.

TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS: Be brave and select colours and finishes you are happy to live with. Avoid asking everyone for their opinion or input otherwise you will end up confused and frustrated.

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