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Before diving into lighting options…
Be crystal-clear on the function of your outdoor space. How do you use your patio from day to night? Is your gazebo a weekend-only space? The way you use your outdoor structure has a direct correlation on factors such as light placement and power requirements.
Finetune your choices based on the task
Floodlights are excellent for lighting a large space, but if your patio has an outdoor kitchen for example, it’s much smarter to integrate task lighting. These lights give you pinpoint illumination in the areas you need it most such as food prep areas or a bar/drinks zone where good lighting adds practicality and some glamour for any budding mixologist.


Want to cut down your power bill?
Solar lights are a great, standalone option for outdoor lighting. Renewable energy options are not only great for the environment, but they can usually be installed yourself and they require less overall maintenance. Remember, position is paramount with your solar lights, so place panels strategically so they can soak up the most amount of sunshine during the day.
When to connect to the grid
Connecting outdoor lights to your electrical mains remains the most reliable option for lighting up your outdoors. This type of work isn’t a D.I.Y. project so remember to call in a licensed electrician. Your LYSAGHT LIVING® dealer can also advise on the best lighting choices at the planning and design stage. Remember to place switches in clever spots like near a back door or window so you can light everything up from inside the house. For added convenience, consider installing a timer on your switches so you don’t have to lift a finger.


Light up your best angles…
The outdoor lighting category has a surprisingly large range of options for accent, task and ambient lighting. Don’t be afraid to experiment with directional lighting such as downlights or spotlights spiked into the ground. There’s also a wide variety of ceiling and wall/post-mounted options.
Create a resort-at-home feel…
Keep those Bachelor In Paradise resort-vibes happening year-round with a canopy of beautiful lanterns hanging at varying heights inside your patio. A large and dramatic rattan lantern for your main light feature can also create a moment.
Try LED rope lighting…
This dreamy, twinkle-twinkle trend isn’t going anywhere! It’s easy to recreate the magic while staying tasteful and luxe. When used correctly, rope lights and festoon LED lights can easily go from ‘party lights’ to adding a touch of ambience to your everyday living. For added versatility, select a model with changeable LED filaments. This way, you can easily change colours to suit your mood without having to change the light globes.

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