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Though it sometimes may look like a magician’s work, creating a beautiful outdoor space doesn’t require any mystical training. But like any industry, there are definitely a few ‘magic tricks’ stylists implement to take design to the next level. Luckily, we managed to convince Sophia Goldschmidt from The Wow Factor Home Styling to share her top three industry secrets. We guarantee you’ll find a way to turn your patio, carport, deck, pergola or verandah from boring to breathtaking!

  1. “My most useful tip to freshen up your outdoor space is to clean, organise and chuck! I love to cycle out items that I don’t use anymore, that take up space or are an eyesore,” Sophia says. “When you get rid of those old chairs, garden ornaments, dead plants and rakes against the wall, you gain the opportunity to create a space you actually want to spend time in. It’s liberating really.”
  2. Secondly, Sophia advises to go bold with your lighting choices. “Forget stale fluorescents and go for fixtures usually reserved for indoors, like decorative pendant lights (I’m loving wooden and woven bamboo pendants), floor lamps and table lamps. Choose warm light bulbs for a softer ambiance.”
  3. Finally, Sophia suggests hand-made pottery and tableware as the ultimate fail-safe in a table setting. “Rustic serving dishes, pinch-pot ramekins and Japanese Wabi-sabi plant pots add so much charm to your setting, and if every piece feels special, you can really appreciate having it in your outdoor space.”