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Looking to increase your outdoor living space? Here are 3 things to consider…

There’s nothing quite like catching up with friends for a relaxed Sunday lunch or cosying up to a loved one as the sun sets. But rather than face the stress of going out, creating your own outdoor patio hotspot at home can be a seamless experience with these must-read patio principles.

LYSAGHT LIVING® offers a range of attached and freestanding patio designs in a variety of different styles to seamlessly complement your existing home. But the range also allows flexibility, as you can also modify an existing design to your home’s exact details. The LYSAGHT LIVING® patio brochure provides details on all style and customisation options - and while you're browsing, you may also want to consider the following ‘patio principles’.

KNOW YOUR PURPOSE: Patios are extremely versatile, but it helps to think about the space’s primary use. Is it going to be an area for sitting and relaxing? Or is it going to be used for entertaining and cooking. Bear in mind the type of activities that take place in the patio will affect aspects like airflow and the ideal choice of roof. It’s also a good idea to work out who is likely to use the space (and how frequently), and whether any mobility access considerations need to be made.

CONSIDER THE CONTEXT: Visualising the overall feel of your patio and how it blends into your existing surrounds (including your house) is important, as it affects decisions like the right profile and material for your patio’s roof. For example, if large lights and fans are a key feature of your design, then it’s necessary to increase the volume of airflow in your patio. In this scenario, it’s best to avoid a skillion (or flat) roof, as radiant heat and minimal head room can become an issue.

CAN YOU CUSTOMISE?  When it comes to home add-ons, one-size-fits-all solutions do not exist. One mark of a quality manufacturer is in the ability to customise their designs to suit your specific needs. Your local LYSAGHT LIVING® dealer is able to help create a custom solution in response to many of the design challenges of modern Australian houses, such as how to work with the common combination of reverse skillion and skillion roofs. All modifications are also comprehensively examined to ensure structural integrity.

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