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Create a breezy, resort-style interior in just four steps…

It’s easy to see why indoor/outdoor living is often at the top of home owners’ wish lists. Taking advantage of our wonderful Australian climate, this resort-style approach to living suits many architectural styles and can be applied to a variety of existing spaces. Here are four ways to invite the outdoors in…

CAPTURE YOUR GREATEST VIEW: Whether it’s a grand, beautiful tree, colourful garden or a glimpse of the ocean, be sure to orient an outdoor structure towards your best features. By doing this, you’ll be able to get that alfresco feeling even while you’re inside your home’s four walls.

PLAN YOUR BIG OPENING: The larger an opening to an outdoor space, the larger the indoor/outdoor feeling you create. By installing bi-fold doors to separate the two rooms, you can open these and fold completely flush to the walls, creating that instant feeling of a singular, breezy new space.

DON'T FORGET YOUR FLOOR… Where possible, aim to keep your flooring level in both your indoor and new outdoor space. This creates a seamless link between the two spaces. By matching the flooring material used, this link can be further enhanced.

AND WHAT'S ON TOP… Whether you’re adding a new patio or deck, a covered roof space is the final piece of the puzzle in creating a true indoor/outdoor feel. Your local LYSAGHT LIVING® dealer is able to advise on the best roofing profiles and techniques to match your existing home.

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