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Tip 1: Access All Areas

To get full use of your gazebo and ensure its regular use, think about function right from the design stage. A clear and well-defined path to your gazebo is just like extending a welcoming invitation to come in and enjoy the space. Illuminating the pathway by adding lights is another clever idea from both an aesthetic and safety point of view. From the early design stage, work with your LYSAGHT LIVING® dealer to plan the best route of access to the gazebo from your home.

Tip 2: Show Off Your Best Angles

What’s the best way to enjoy your gazebo without actually being inside it? It’s not a trick question – by appreciating it from afar, of course! The unique architecture of a steel gazebo is loved by many, so make sure yours can easily be seen from high traffic areas of your home - like a kitchen or living area. And don’t forget about your outlook from inside the gazebo. Having a focal point like a beautifully-landscaped garden bed or a water feature to gaze upon will instantly up your gazebo’s relaxation factor.

Tip 3: Sound Off

There’s nothing quite like relaxing in your gazebo in calm, ambient surroundings. Although it’s tempting to place your gazebo on a fence line so it’s well-set in your garden, you could encounter problems like noisy neighbours or the annoying hum of traffic ruining your Zen-like vibe. Consider positioning your patio for the best acoustics. Or, to soften the blow of unwanted noise try hanging wind chimes or installing a water feature.

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