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Add value to your home with these 5 alfresco ideas…

Even if it’s just a quick weekend affair, there’s no better habit to form than adding value to your home. But did you know the effect can be easily achieved outside your home’s four walls? From light tasks to more intensive projects—these ideas are sure to beautify from the outside-in...

LANDSCAPING: Even if it’s just a weekend of weeding—creating an outdoor garden that’s both appealing and simple to maintain will do wonders to your home’s overall look. As a start, why not try replacing delicate flowering plants with ruggedly beautiful native grasses or shrubs. From a landscaping perspective, it’s possible to flex your DIY muscle by installing a low-maintenance irrigation system, or even a custom outdoor lighting setup.

PATIOS & PERGOLAS: A more substantial investment, adding a backyard pergola or patio to your home can also be one of the most beneficial solutions to add value to your home. You’ll add a desirable place to both entertain, socialise and relax, 365 days a year. Be sure to make the most of the space you have available and that your new patio has enough space to comfortably house your desired dining setting. See the LYSAGHT LIVING® patio brochure to find your perfect design.

VERANDAHS: If a lack of space is an issue, a verandah can still offer you the chance to relax and catch up with friends in the fresh air. Verandahs, sometimes referred to as awnings, are attached to your home’s front, back or sides on the ground-floor. A verandah on the side of your home can also lower your home’s overall temperature—perfect for hot summers. See the LYSAGHT LIVING® verandah brochure to find your perfect design.

POOLS & SPAS: As temperatures rise, a modern pool or spa still offers cooling relief and serenity. On the design front, modern swimming pools have come a long way, with infinity-edge and lap pools at the top of contemporary tastes. For a scaled-down effect, you may consider a gentle water feature to give your outdoors a Zen-like appeal.

EXTERIOR IMPROVEMENTS: Your home’s façade is the first thing passers-by (or potential buyers!) see. Updating it can be a guaranteed way to maximise curb appeal and overall value to your property. A lick of paint in a fresh hue can be all that’s required, or perhaps consider cement rendering exposed brickwork to create a smooth and modern look.

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