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How to perfectly balance the classic and the current

Trends in colour turn around very quickly—12 months in the case of the Pantone® Colour of the Year—whereas your house is here to stay. Industry leading colour and trend forecaster, and Fellow of the Design Institute of Australia, Harley Anstee shares some valuable tips on how to make your choices in colour survive fads, and truly go the distance.

WHY PLAYING IT SAFE MATTERS: When it comes to selecting colours for your home and any additions like a patio or pergola, your decision shouldn’t be motivated purely by trends. If the basic external shell of the house is timeless, then it will last for many, many years. Once decided it is difficult or almost impossible to change a roof colour. It can also be very costly. The LYSAGHT LIVING® colour range is not fashion driven, but instead is in harmony with the Australian landscape, the architectural character of Australian homes, and issues related to the environment and sustainability.

WHEN TO FOLLOW TRENDS: Keen to experiment with the current ‘it’ colours? Unleash your creativity on painted surfaces, which are much easier to change down the track. Limit the trend colours to accents, e.g. doors, screens, and decorative panels which can all be easily repainted at a later date. If the house is all weatherboard, then the opportunity to change is much simpler. Paint is a wonderful way to change to a new colour scheme and provide an uplift. However, bear in mind the character of the house.

WHERE TO FIND INSPIRATION: Local and international interiors magazines are a great source of on-trend information and colour inspiration. For more localised information, turn to the Lifestyle/Homes section of major newspapers as their trend reports may be customised to your city, region or suburb. Home improvement TV shows are another major source, and they’re often aligned with major paint companies like Dulux and Haymes Paint. For a more hands-on experience, home exhibition shows are a great way to see new products and colour schemes with the naked eye, as well as seek expert advice.

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