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Thinking colour? Take inspiration from the world around you…

Whether you live in the city, country or on the coast, it’s easy to take inspiration from your immediate surrounds. Industry leading colour and trend forecaster, and Fellow of the Design Institute of Australia Harley Anstee shows us how…

LOCATION, LOCATION: Be inspired by your location whether you live in the city, country or have a home on the coast. These areas offer inspiration in a range of wonderful colours that can be drawn from the surrounding landscape; greys, slate, white, silver and charcoal colours provide a great palette of colour for a city home and any add-ons you’re considering.

COUNTRY STRONG: Own a country home? Australia offers a wonderful palette of colours stretching from the far reaches of the inland to the coast. Terracotta, earthy greens and deep blues and greys are reflected in many of the colours within the COLORBOND® colour palette e.g. TERRAIN®,

MANGROVE®, WALLABY®, COVE®, GULLY® AND BASALT®. Other colours derived from the landscape include PALE EUCALYPT®, IRONSTONE®, DEEP OCEAN®, WOODLAND GREY® and JASPER®.

COASTAL WATCH: Muted blues, white, sand, pale greys and turquoise are a palette of colours inspired by the coast for a costal home. For example, SURFMIST® is a great choice for the roof of the home itself, or a home addition. Timber walls would look great in a painted pale grey or a textured brick in a similar pale grey. Finally, add a brilliant blue for the front door (like Dulux Kingfisher Sheen) to provide a welcome sense of entry.

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