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We get it. The wind chill factor is off the chart and like us, you’d rather spend wintry weekends bingeing Netflix on the couch. But winter is an excellent time to get ahead on the maintenance you’ve been putting off – including your outdoor structures. By getting it done now, you’ll skip the spring-cleaning ordeal and get straight onto enjoying your space when the warm weather hits.

Remember, all it takes to keep your LYSAGHT LIVING® structure in great condition is a hose down with water. Pay extra attention to gutters which may have accumulated leaf matter over autumn, make sure downpipes are clear and hose down grime from the underside of roofs, gutters and beams which are not exposed to rain. If you definitely do not plan on using your space in winter, simply put away items like cushions and accessories and remove any furniture that can be stored easily. This will prevent debris and dirt build-up over winter and make setting up for spring a cinch.


Our great southern land might not have the winter snowfall of our northern neighbours, but pockets of the country do see morning frost, sleet and seasonal snow. During times of heavy snowfall, it’s advisable to keep build-up from accumulating on the roof of important structures such as a carport.

The correct roof structure can also simplify jobs like clearing the build-up of snow. Designing a carport with a sloping skillion or pitched roof should allow Mother Nature and gravity to take on some of the heavy lifting with removing snow.


Your LYSAGHT LIVING® steel deck framing system provides superior strength all year – simply keep it clean with an occasional hose down. But what about up top? Here are a few tips for keeping decking boards spic-and-span when the mercury drops. To give your deck a great clean, it’s recommended to simply wash both wooden and composite decks with warm soapy water to remove dirt and grime. If you plan to use a pressure washer/hose, be extra careful with composite decking. You may want to check the recommendations of your manufacturer.

For cold climate areas, it’s extra important to keep decks snow and ice free as the area can become slippery and dangerous. When clearing snow, use a plastic shovel with a non-metal tip to avoid nicking or damaging the boards. Remember your technique and sweep horizontal or ‘with the grain’ of your decking boards instead of up and down. This way, you’ll minimise your chances of hitting edges and ruining the pristine look.


The desire to go into hibernation during winter is probably in our DNA. Who could resist a roaring fire or being snuggled up on the couch in front of a great film and a toasty heater? But with a few clever updates to your outdoor space, it’s easy to recreate these creature comforts and reclaim your patio or deck every day of the year.

Here are some quick tips to fire up your outdoor space in winter:
• Add instant warmth to your space by simply adding an outdoor heater. The selection is growing with many sleek options available from slimline infrared electric designs mounted that can be mounted to a ceiling, or gas varieties that can easily be moved to suit your needs.
• A fire pit is a popular and inexpensive way to bring a rustic campfire atmosphere to modern patios, decks and other outdoor spaces. Some standalone models are available for less than $100.
• Don’t let the wind, cold and rain spoil your Christmas In July gathering! Installing patio blinds is a simple solution. Look for an excellent quality PVC fabrication that offers UV protection so you can also be shielded during summer.

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