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Although any renovation job is sure to have its own unique set of variables, there are some common situations all home renovators encounter. Here are three things you should be mindful of…

CHECK YOUR LOCAL REGULATIONS: There’s no point getting your heart set on a new carport, patio or deck if this type of build requires a special permit or is simply not allowed in your local area. Invest in some independent research once you have decided to renovate, and look up the regulations on your local council website. If you have friends or family who have successfully completed the type of renovation or addition you’re going for, you might find their advice helpful, too. Your local LYSAGHT LIVING® dealer is also able to clarify your suburb’s specific building codes and regulations.

ANALYSE FINANCES: Although it might seem like common sense, you need to be sure you have enough funds to fuel your renovation. Refinancing your home loan may be an option if you have enough capital, however it is a loan and you need to ensure you can pay it back within the set terms. Tip: you may be able to save on your contractor’s fee by locking in a job during the December-January Christmas or summer break, as this is a traditionally quiet period.

CONSULT THE EXPERTS: Although the DIY revolution has resulted in a great enthusiasm for improving your home, it still makes sense to consult the professionals to make sure anything you do to your home is above board. Your local LYSAGHT LIVING® dealer should be your first port-of-call for any outdoor home addition from patios to carports, and after you choose your perfect design you’ll receive detailed plans and can chat through any required trades like plumbers and electricians.

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