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At LYSAGHT LIVING™ we’re all about delivering the excellence of top, industry-developed home additions, right into the palm of your hands.

You see, we're incredibly proud that our steel-based home improvement range is manufactured by LYSAGHT®, with its 150 year esteemed reputation in rollformed steel building products, and is backed by Australia's leading steel manufacturer, BlueScope.

So what does this mean for you? It all boils down to integrity - the integrity of our finished product, along with our brand itself. We're continually inspired by our parent company LYSAGHT® and industry leaders like BlueScope and utilise the unparalleled expertise that each provides. The technology and software behind the LYSAGHT LIVING™ range has been in development by BlueScope-owned businesses for more than 30 years. Every LYSAGHT LIVING™ structure and profile is manufactured exclusively by LYSAGHT® using genuine COLORBOND® steel.

From design and manufacturing right through to installation in your home, you can trust your Australian-made, Australian-ready LYSAGHT LIVING™ structure is supported by the industry’s strongest foundations.